We are looking to work with talented graduate students. Please send John an email ( if interested in joining the Salogiannis Lab!

John Salogiannis, PhD

Principal Investigator

Postdoc, University of California San Diego (Samara Reck-Peterson Lab)PhD, Harvard Medical School, Neurobiology (Michael Greenberg Lab)Laboratory Technician, Children's Hospital Boston (Thomas Schwarz lab)B.S. Neurobiology and B.S. Psychology, University of Maryland College Park (Eric Haag Lab)
John's CV and Bio

Ally Morrissey

CMB Graduate Student

B.S. Forensic Science

University of New Haven

Working on: Organelle hitchhiking in mammalian cells.

Sarah Abeling

Lab Research Technician

B.S Biology

St. Lawrence University

(Michael Temkin Lab)

Working on: Organelle Hitchhiking with endosomes.

Erinn Wagner

Undergraduate Researcher

UVM Major: Biology

Working on: Organelle Hitchhiking with endosomes.

Bianca Labuschagne

Undergraduate Researcher

SURF Award Recipient

UVM Major: Microbiology and Molecular Genetics

Working on: Engineering of molecular motors to study organelle hitchhiking.

Bellana Driscoll

Undergraduate Researcher (Honors College Student)

UVM Major: Biochemistry

Working on: Cargo hitchhiking in filamentous fungi.