Lab News


  • November - Congrats to Sarah for First Place Poster Presentation at our MPBP Department retreat at the Von Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, VT.

  • Congratulations to Ally for being awarded runner-up in the Graduate Student Research Showcase!

  • May - CMB graduate student Ally Morrissey has officially joined the lab!

  • March - CMB student Ally Morrissey started rotating in the lab. She will be working on LRRK2's role in neurons. Welcome!

  • Erinn Wagner joined the lab as an undergraduate researcher. She will be working on a mutagenesis screen in Aspergillus.

  • January - Our spinning disk CSU-X1 confocal has been installed and ready to go!

  • Bianca Labuschagne joined the lab as an undergraduate researcher! She will be working on adaptor-mediated transport of dynein.


  • November - Sarah Abeling joined the lab as a research technician. Welcome Sarah!

  • October - Bellana Driscoll will be writing an undergraduate honors college thesis in the lab! She will work on molecular mechanisms of microtubule-based transport in Aspergillus.

  • August - The Salogiannis Lab opened its doors at the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont!