The Salogiannis Lab is firmly committed to supporting and honoring the hard work of individuals from underrepresented backgrounds, as well as first-generation students. The success of our lab will be as strong as the diverse foundation of its scientists and the backgrounds, experiences, and ideas that we all bring to the table. Towards this end, we will recruit regardless of national origin, race, ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. We will embrace the tenets of Our Common Ground at UVM and uphold the Larner College of Medicine's Professionalism Statement.

HeLa cell initiative: To account for the scientific and medical profit obtained through experiments performed using HeLa cells, our lab has pledged to make donations to the Henrietta Lacks Foundation for all HeLa cell lines we created in the past and those that we create in the future. We are continuing this initiative from the Reck-Peterson lab. Faculty members: Download an example letter to send to your University Finance Administration to request the use of unrestricted funds to use for your donation. Also, consider making a donation to the Henrietta Lacks Foundation.

Suggestions to enhance DEI in STEM in our lab and at UVM are welcome! Please contact us.